Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lazy blog girl

Yes I have been very lax of late. I have been trying to do a few things and I find that if I sit down at the computer, time just goes "poof"!

It's the beginning of another weekend for me. Mmm, yes there are lots of things to do. Will they get done? Mmm. I'm actually going to take some time off work in June. Mainly to be with my Mum who is starting kemo at the beginning of June. Thought I'd take time that will coincide with her last two weeks of her treatment. Luckily I have heaps of projects that are portable!

On a much cheerier note! These are the first two triangles of my Rainbow Dear Jane. Yes, I need to redo them! But that's okay, at least I got a start! I was actually very nervous about doing them because I haven't done anything so small before. Good thing there's plenty of fabric supplied in the kit! I recieved the second months worth last week. Better get a move on.

I thought I would share the remains of my afternoon tea from last weekend! Good tea, homemade scones and good friends. I am a lucky girl.

Well I have done my 9 patch blocks for the twiddletails swap. Medium and darks. I really enjoyed using the batik fabric. I'll have to use it again. I have also finshed an Eater/Spring swap through, but I can't show pictures just yet! I have finally settled on a pattern for the mini quilt spring swap. I was beginning to panic a little about that one, although I still have a few ideas rolling around in my head.

Not the best photo, but it gives an idea of the colour and pattern. The colours are so vivid. Love them!

The green would have to be one of my favourites. I've enjoyed doing these 9 patches so much that I've just jumped into another swap for 9 patches! The lovely Christine is hosting this swap from Once Upon A Quilt

Today I seem to be in the mood to ramble! Procrasting I think! Okay, I shall go off to do a few things and I promise to be a more productive blog girl! Or is that regular? Mmm. Okay one more photo! My oldest son was very proud of himself for blowing his first bubble!

Have a lovely weekend!

Friday, May 8, 2009

I love the Fratellis. I love Franz Ferdanand. I love Kylie too. Well we can probably keep that a bit quiet. Oh okay, you can talk about it! All good music to dance around the room to.

I have finally caught up on my Geese In The Forest bom!! Love doing this one.

I'm trying hard to get in some embroidery but I keep seeing all these sewing projects that I would like to do! Oh well, I'm sure it will all work out. Mothers Day is coming up. Mmm, maybe a little something for Mum and Nan. Thinking, thinking.

Got some great books off ebay. I love all of the craft books from the eighties, seventies and earlier. I especially love knitting booklets from the fifties. Embroidery too! Vintage transfer patterns are a favourite although they are beginning to get a little expensive! Must stop looking on ebay, etsy as well. Must be responsible with my money. Blah!

My mini iron just went pooof. Bugger.

Okay I'm off. I keep getting distracted! I'm a bit of a goldfish tonight!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


The last couple of days have been great. Went to work on sunday and my manager asked me if I wanted a couple of days off - she need to cut hours - I was not about to look a gift horse in the mouth!

It came at just the right time. I have been missing my wee family. I sometimes feel like I miss out on so much with them.

The weekend before my inpromtu holiday we took the boys to the Hawkesbury Show. We didn't get to the Easter Show this year. Wanted to. It just isn't the same since it moved to Homebush. It's lost some of it's appeal. Actually, a lot. Anyway the Hawkesbury Show more than filled the gap! There were animals, show bags, rides, fireworks, friends and food.