Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fabric fun and dog

Well I finally got my fabric for the Rainbow Swap ( It's the orange fabric in the first photo, the one below the dog! ). I'm pretty happy with my choices although I did have some help from my 10yr old son. Only because he wanted to get out of the fabric shop quicker! Anyway I'm happy.

I'm stash building!

It's back to reality - work tomorrow. Yes, I do look very sad. A week just isn't long enough! I had plenty of things to think about and decisions to make. Mainly regarding work - suprised you, eh? It's been a long year with lots, I mean Lots of things happening which made me wonder if I should be on the road that I am. Trust me, being a "mature-age" apprentice isn't glamorous!

Anyway, I love what I'm doing and I'm stubborn! I'm not going to say Uncle first! Okay that's enough whining.

As well as fabric I got some great books today. The one that I loved immediately was "Material Obsession" by Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke. They have a quilting shop here in Sydney by the same name. Another one was on tips and techniques, well I am a newbie quilter after all.

Just one last photo! This is my woofy who is very cute and very big. We love him. Okay for some reason the photo is up with the other ones! What the?!!

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  1. Oh I love the orange fabrics, I wish I could have been in all the groups your girls will love your blocks!!