Thursday, March 19, 2009

Getting there

I love looking at other crafty blogs! Everyone seems so productive and creative. I could sit here all day hopping from one blog to another.... oh wait, I just did that! Good thing I've got this week off! Shame I have to go back in 2 days!! So soon ( I have a very sad face right now) I've had fun, I caught up on my quilt-a-long blocks, the only thing I need to do with them is square them up. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. I wasn't sure about the colours but I think they look okay. I guess as I go along and do more quilting I'll gain more confidence with choosing colours. I need to choose some fabric for my Rainbow Swap blocks - I picked orange. Looks like a trip to the shop tomorrow! Sorry about the lack of photos, I'm still stumbling around trying to figure things out. The linking thing has got me puzzled as well and so does the "button" thing, you know like the quilt-a-long button, how do you get it onto your blog? Or is that a permission thing? See, I'm clueless!
Anyway I've got a few other project ideas I'm thinking of and of course there are many blogs to peruse! I found a beautiful knitting pattern today, I might get it out and have a look at it to see what I need. It's autumn, the mornings are nice and crisp, the days warm and evenings are cool. Love it.

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