Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Who put that castle there?

I've been a little bit of a goldfish lately and it doesn't help that work has been super busy either. All I have wanted to do lately is some sewing or embroidery. Trust real life to get in the way! I have managed to squeeze a few things in, I have finished my orange pinwheels ( I wasn't happy with some of them so I had to remake them. ) and I've re-discovered some stitcheries I began at the beginning of 2008. I really don't know how they ended up under my sewing table?! Since there is only one & a half left to stitch I think I'll finish them! They were made up into a quilt and looked really good.
Found a bagillion things on the net! Loads of embroidery patterns and sewing patterns and everything else! No wonder I can't get anything done! Which is what I'm going to do right now. As soon as I check something out that I saw the other day about sewing half squares together! I might just have a quick look at ebay too?