Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ahh, 4 days off. What to do, what to do?!

I have been doing little bits and pieces here and there. Work keeps getting in the way! So with these few days off over the Easter break I wil hopefully be able to get caught up (toes and fingers are crossed!) On my "List" swap blocks, hexagons, flying geese, Bunny Hill, Wee wall hanging (it's a mystery one), embroidery, family, chocolate, and maybe some more chocolate. Okay, there could be a glass or two of wine and some serious tv watching going on too. It can be done.

A photo to show that I have been doing a little bit of something!

No, it's not acrime scene - it's my sewing room


  1. Good luck with the to-do list! Mine looks similar! :o)

  2. Just popped by for a quick visit as I saw you had been to my blog too. I empathize with the having a few days off and having to balance sewing time with all the rest of life's demands on our time!!!

    Hope you enjoy your four days off. I have two coming up on Sunday and Monday that I am very much looking forward to!