Saturday, April 25, 2009

Catching up

Getting there.

Little bit of baking - some very yummy cinnamonn buns from Make It Do

Mmm, blurry buns but I think you get the idea!

Can't have buns without tea!

I did also manage to get in some sewing.

Block 1 group is done, I've got about 4 of Block 2 done - only another 23 to go!

Good thing I like this stuff!

The boys have just gotten back from celebrating Anzac Day, by the look of them I think they've had a good time! The day always begins on a solomn note as we honour those who fought for us. Then stories are shared and ancedotes are remembered, and maybe a beer or two is drunk! It is a good day. I never have any luck with Two up though. Maybe next year!

It's getting late and I have to work tomorrow so I shall say good night.

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  1. mmmm, now I want buns, but I am a coffee gal, I love those blocks they are great! wonderful colors too!!